yeager is a new web CMS aiming to become the most cost/time-efficient platform for medium and large sites and applications.

With an open PHP codebase and a community-centric approach, we want to build the go-to platform for serious developers.
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A UI that saves time and trouble

By leveraging the advantages of a fully ajaxified HTML5 UI, yeager tries to eliminate a good part of the usual short-comings of web apps with the aim of improving overall work efficiency. 
yeager's UI makes extensive use of drag & drop, allows performing actions on multiple objects at once and supports keyboard controls.
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Fully extendable

yeager is not only a WCMS, it's also an application development framework. Its plug-and-play extension concept is primed to build every kind of web application: From small blogs to large, socially driven news portals.
Executing custom code in yeager is very easy: Simply hook your extension into an event like onPublish or onAuthorizationFailed.
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Auto-generated UI for Extensions

Developers do not have to take care of arranging or styling their custom Extensions.
Defined form fields automatically integrate into yeager's UI, including drag & drop support and versioning.
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An API that is usable

Providing a clean and usable API for yeager is one of our priorities.
Our API syntax is human-readable for easy pick-up and quick orientation. We provide extensive documentation that will get you off the ground quickly.
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Structured Content

yeager was developed with an emphasis on data-driven concepts using structured content entry. 
Through an integrated editor even complex input forms are quickly clicked and dragged together.
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Time based publishing

yeager allows to automatically publish content on a specified time schedule.
This includes rollbacks to specific versions and complex advance scheduling of changes over multiple versions and different points in time.
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Primed for user-centric applications

yeager comes with a granular, user group-based rights management and a full featured user administration.
It is primed to handle user-centric applications, like delivering personalized content or e-mailings, restricting access to specific areas of a website or building social media type applications.
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Built-in e-mailing

yeager comes with basic but robust e-mail functionality. This is of course particularly efficient when re-appropriating website content in e-mailings.
Possible applications are e-mail-blasts for marketing purposes or sending out press releases by employing yeager's user groups.
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Asynchronous file upload

Our file uploader is a good example of yeager's editor-friendliness. Not only because of its comfortable drag & drop-functionality, but also because the system doesn't lock up when uploading files. 
Even large amounts of data are being uploaded in the background while content editors can continue working with yeager.
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File processing

yeager can be configured to automatically create different resized versions and croppings from uploaded images. 
For other filetypes custom processors can be easily plugged into yeager to process files upon upload (e.g. encoding video files or counting words in an office document).
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yeager's core functionality comprises all standard functions to support commenting, including spam-protection and an approval workflow.
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yeager comes with an object clipboard where editors can store any object they want. Using the clipboard and drag & drop together can dramatically improve efficiency for typical, repetitive content administration.
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yeager provides a full featured versioning system for all content-related object types.

There's previews of earlier versions, rollbacks to previous versions, and also a detailed change history for every object.
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Super fast setup

yeager's one-file installation routine allows for easy and quick setup. Using the installation wizard, administrators typically get a fresh installation live and running in under five minutes.
Accordingly, updating yeager is just as simple. Available updates are displayed directly in the backend and can be installed with just one click. No hassles.
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Custom administration panels

Developers can easily create and customize their own administration panels to provide editors and content managers with the optimal overview for the different content type(s) or applications at hand.
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Join the beta community for an in-depth feature overview or a test ride.

There's much more interesting stuff built into yeager: For example a powerful caching mechanism, easy templating, customizable object properties and a proven security track-record, just to name a few.

Do sign-up for the private beta if you want to learn more, download yeager for free and have a look at it for yourself.
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